Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finals Week


Hi guys, this will be my final post for Life Drawing I. It's kind of weird, I felt like this semester was super long, and it felt like this semester took up the whole school year or something, but now that it's ending I'm a little sad. I learned A LOT in this class, I really wanted to work on learning how to draw the body accurately and wanted to learn how to draw poses. And I did! This was, by far, my favorite class of the semester.. possibly even the whole school year! Amy teaches at a good pace, in my opinion, and she really tries to help us improve our drawings by adjusting things to make them more accurate and then have us work off from there. Although the manikin wasn't my most favorite thing in the whole world, it was still very cool and insightful..? (Is that a word?) Anyways, learning and making the muscles was a very good learning experience. I loved learning about the different landmarks on the body, such as C7 and the sacrum, etc. This was a rare class for me, in the sense that I wanted to take notes and I actually kept wanting to learn more each time we came to class. After this class, I can now at least draw a body with the right proportions. I will probably use this knowledge I have attained to draw full body characters instead of only "shoulder-and-up" characters. I will most likely be taking Life Drawing II next semester, so see you guys there!! Well, if you're going to take it too..lol if not, then have a wonderful summer!! Thanks for reading! :D

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  1. This class was definitely a fun one and one that I learned a lot in as well. I feel a lot more confident in my drawing skills now and I feel that I can accurately represent the human figure. Thanks for all the help on my drawings!